What is Momentum?

MOMENTUM is an abbreviation for “Building Soul Winning Momentum.” It was an evangelistic plan (from 2007-2010) to invite everyone in the northwestern United States to accept Jesus, embrace all Bible truths and join a vibrant Adventist group. To accomplish this God-given goal, our role is to be totally dependant on the Holy Spirit and to learn to apply Bible principles to the efforts of our churches, schools, institutions, church leaders and members.

Evangelistic meetings were held in the largest cities all around the Northwest, were filmed, and are available online. To watch these programs online click here.

Articles on MOMENTUM–

Eight Principles for Building Soul Winning MOMENTUM— 

  1. Frequently invite every believer to be involved
  2. Intercessory prayer for souls
  3. Missionary partners for prayer and outreach
  4. Small Group Bible Studies and Outreach
  5. Local and Satellite Reaping
  6. Discipling New Members
  7. Two Harvest Cycles a year for five years (2007-2011)
  8. Special efforts for Top Ten Metro Areas

Resources for Local Churches, Schools & Institutions–

Resources for Conferences

Related Websites


  1. We are jephthah mission in Ethiopia.
    Brothers please pray to us we need mission partners.

  2. we are group of eight young people serving Christ through music,bible studies,public evangelism,medical support,seminars and intercessory prayers.we need your prayers.time is far gone lets make Christ known everywhere.

  3. i need a sample plan for soul winning for my church for the year.could you kindly send me one.thanks


    • Here’s the contact information for the North Pacific Union Conference:
      5709 N 20th St
      Ridgefield, WA 98642
      Or you can send an email here: http://www.npuc.org/contact

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