Posted by: danserns | July 18, 2008

Spokane Metro Answers The Question “God Said… So What?”

Reported by Dave Livermore, Director of Personal Evangelism and Discipleship, Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“God Said…. So What?” Does what He said still matter today? Does it still ring true? Will it make a difference in my life if I do what He says? How can an old book like the Bible be relevant today? Or could it be we find ourselves in this condition because we’ve gotten away from what God said in the very beginning.

The Upper Columbia Conference is preparing for a tremendous out pouring of God’s Spirit. Momentum is building and making its way into our conference. On Oct 24-27, 2008 at Spokane Central Church we will host a series of meetings known to all of us North westerners as “Momentum!” Bryon Corbett and John Bradshaw will do something unprecedented by full time evangelists today. They will tag team two sermons each night for four evenings. It promises to be a succession of nights of such blessing that no one in our area should miss. Imagine two power packed messages an evening, fitted together like a hand in a glove presented by men who are called by God to speak out. For instance look at the subjects below and then imagine the one word title as a reality of what these teachings bring to our lives. After combining all the words I came up with “HOPE.” Let’s bring to the Spokane area, hope as it is in Jesus.

Here are the Titles and Topics–

1. Trust Me–authority of Scripture/Daniel 2
2. Choose Me–The great controversy
3. Meet Me–signs of the times/second coming
4. Unwind with Me–Sabbath/Law and grace
5. Fear Me?–Death/Hell
6. Join Me–remnant church
7. Enjoy Me–1844/heaven
8. Find Me–final appeal based on crucifixion

We have prepared for these meetings by hiring a full time Bible Worker Instructor. Steve Rogers joined the UCC team from the Kelso – Longview Adventist Church where he was a bible worker for 15 years. He began to train the lay members  at Spokane Central where over a 120 bible study interest cards were returned.  Next  Steve Rogers  trained  at Spokane Valley, Spokane South Hill and Spokane Linwood. All of the four big churches in the Spokane area are busy following up leads and giving Bible studies. Steve is now spending the next 6 months with Byron Corbett at Spokane Valley. Their goal is 50 bible studies! Steve told me today, I think we are going to reach our goal!!


Click here to see Revised (10-8-08) Dates and Times for “God Says…So What” satellite broadcast dates.

Note: Todd Gessele from the Momentum! Team designed a simple two sided invitation card for members to invite their friends. Click here to see the “cutting edge” side and here to see the other more “traditional” side.



  1. Hi Byron and John, As you can see, I went to Comcast and I lost everyone’s address so when you have time maybe you can send yours to me. Darrell and Cheryl are going to be here before Thanksgiving and stay a few days. Lots of good things happening in Lacey. Good people being converted and transferring in. PTL
    We plan to watch Momentum at our church. I’m looking forward to it. I expect a lot of people to come because we are so fond of you both. Keep in touch.

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