Posted by: Marella | October 15, 2008

“84 People Baptized So Far”

Thanks to God, we had a great week with the “Try With Jesus” Crusade, with Alejandro Bullon as Evangelist.  84 people so far have been baptized with more planned for this next weeks, the collaboration of Hillsboro, Tualatin, The Rock, Beaverton and Forrest Grove. There are over 500 non-adventists to work with as a result of the crusade.

Next May, 16-23, Alejandro Bullon will be in ZONE #1 (The Portland Area), and the plans for that crusade started last Friday with a meeting with Bullon.  We are praying for a great harvest as well.  So far this year, close to 200 people have joined the church as a result of his crusades in Oregon alone.

Just a couple of stories from this crusade:

1. Mario was a child born to adventist parents, and left the church when he was a teen.  Last year he got married and had a child, and with the prayers of his new wife and her influence in his llife, in “Try with Jesus” he got re-baptized and was a nightly volunteer in registration, and now a member and leader of THE ROCK, a 2nd Generation Adventist Church.
2.  Gabriel was watching Alejandro Bullon in Phoenix Arizona on TV in a crusade there in September of this year, and the messages touched his heart.  He moved 2 weeks ago to Hillsboro, not knowing that Alejandro Bullon would be there live.  In this crusade, he, along with 2 other friends, gave their hearts to Jesus and were baptized.  

Your friend,

 Roger Hernandez


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