Posted by: Marella | September 23, 2009

Home Church

침례식2009-06-20The Eugene Korean Church has finished a 2 week small group evangelical Bible meeting from May 26 to Jun 6, 2009.

January, 2009, I encouraged my church members to list names who they wanted to lead to the church. We planned to have small group evangelical Bible meetings not at the church, but in a home.

In this way, we could save the budget for the advertising, and it was much easier to invite people and we could do fellowship better at home based meetings than meeting at the church. Like the early church, “they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”(Acts 2:46).

Meetings were held twice a day in the morning and evening at some members’ homes who had enough space. Every meetingswent well.

Most of attendants in the morning meeting were women who were attending Sunday churches. After every meeting we provided a good lunch and talked together. All of them joined our Tuesday Bible meeting afterwasmall grouprd.

My church members supported these meetings in various way. Some cooked, some worked at a store instead of persons who wanted to attend meetings. One of my member’s husband attended every night. He was not interested in the spiritual things before, but the Holy Spirit worked during the meeting. At the end of the meeting he decided to accept Jesus as his personal savior and be baptized. Praise God!

Four souls decided to be baptized and I baptized them on 20th of June. I’m working on other seekers who didn’t decide to be baptized yet but wanted to have individual Bible study with me. Please pray for my church and the souls.

 HanSoo Kim


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