Posted by: Marella | June 21, 2011

Brother Moses

Brother Moses, after one year of listening and coming to evangelistic related events.  His wife, 6 months ago got baptized.  They should have been baptized together but he didn’t want to. 

Now in the current evangelistic meetings I was giving. I decided to just pray for Brother Moses instead of trying to convince him to make a baptismal decision. 

One night I preached about baptism.  We had the baptismal tank filled.  I made a calling for baptismal preparations and Brother Moses stood up decided to be baptized that very moment.    He admitted that he hadn’t come prepared with a change of clothes, but was decided that this would be his night of rebirth. 

When he entered the waters he couldn’t speak,  he felt something he had never felt.  He was speechless.   After being baptized he still couldn’t speak.  When everybody greeted him on the way out he couldn’t speak a word. 

The following day he and his wife invited me, my family and Pastor Ricardo Castro on a fishing trip.  We enjoyed a relaxing day in God’s nature.  Here he told us about his spiritual experience.  He and His wife enjoy captivating God’s creation through paintings.  Throughout their home then have hundreds of beautiful paintings of our Lords creation that they have painted.  It was an enriching experience to meet this family.


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