Posted by: Marella | June 22, 2011

Follow the Lamb

Three generations in one family baptized!

More than 50 guests attended many, if not all, of the 22 nights of meetings. Jac Colon presented the seminar with topics ranging from “Angel Warfare” to ‘The Unpardonable Sin”.  ‘dena Colon provided the inspirational music in song.  Pastor Colon ended each meeting with the salutation of “Follow the Lamb”.  This became the thread that wove the presentations together to create a powerful and insightful study through the Word of God.

A grandmother told of how her grandson had asked  questions about the mark of the beast just prior to receiving the invitation to the meetings. The timing was perfect.

Jac Colon delivers the message for the evening.

“These people are so friendly, whatever they have, I want to catch it!” said June.

Pastor Jose Galvez welcoming the guests and members.

Sixteen people joined the church organization, including three generations in one family that were baptized together.  In addition there are several who are continuing to study with Pastor Jose Galvez.

Follow-up includes a study in Revelation conducted by Pastor Galvez, and a Bible Marking class conducted by Bob Biegel, Adult Sabbath School teacher. “I was very blessed by the whole presentation, it was very well done” said Bob.

New members and friends of the Brookings church.


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