Dates & Target Cities for Momentum Week of Reaping Meetings

Northwest-based evangelistic meetings are scheduled twice a year from 2007 through 2011. They will be based at the locations listed below, recorded and made available to all NPUC churches and schools on DVD.

These events are designed to help those who attend come to strengthen their conviction on great spiritual truths contained in the Bible and to take steps to act on that conviction. They are a wonderful environment for church members to bring friends who have already been learning about spiritual things in a small group setting.


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(Updated 1/25/2011)

Momentum Harvest Cycle   Theme Top Ten Target City (+ Montana)        Target City Speaker & Dates for Live Week of Reaping Dates for Satellite Reaping Series Broadcast on Hope TV*
Momentum 1.0  Snapshots of the Savior  Seattle Metro Ron Halvorson, Sr.  April 14-21, 2007 April 21-28, 2007
Momentum 2.0  God So Loved Boise Metro Jere Patzer  October 20-27, 2007 November 10-17, 2007
Momentum 3.0  Revelation Now! Anchorage Jac Colon  January-February, 2008 April 19-26, 2008 & October 17-24, 2008
Momentum 4.0  God Said… So What?  Spokane Byron Corbett & John Bradshaw  October 24-27, 2008 (Double headers) Click here to see dates, times and channel
Momentum 5.0  Jul-Dec 2009 The Radical Teachings of Jesus Vancouver (Portland Metro) Derek Morris  Feb. 20-23 & 27-Mar. 2, 2009 April 18-25, 2009; 7-8pm Pacific Time on the Hope Channel and 2-3pm on the Hope Church Channel
Momentum 6.0  Jan-Jun 2010 Check Him Out Eugene-Springfield, Lane County Fairgrounds – Auditorium Jose Rojas  September 19-26, 2009 from 7-8pm November 14-21, 2009; 2-3pm and 7-8pm Pacific Time on the Hope Church Channel
Momentum 7.0  Jul-Dec 2010 Follow the Lamb McMinnville, OR Jac Colon   Feb. 20-Mar. 20, 2010  
Momentum 8.0  Jan-Jun 2011  Breakthrough Tacoma Jose Rojas  Nov. 13-20, 2010  

Besides the Names above here are Some other Potential Evangelists for one week of satellite reaping-

  • Mark Finley
  • Shawn Boonstra
  • Kenneth Cox
  • Dwight Nelson
  • Walter Pierson
  • Alejandro Bullon
  • Lonnie Melashanko
  • Dan Bentzinger
  • John Carter
  • Barry Black
  • CD Brooks
  • Charles Bradford
  • Wintley Phipps
  • Tony Moore
  • Ty Gibson
  • Ed Keyes
  • Doug Batchelor
  • Lyle Albrecht
  • Richard Halversen
  • Ramon Canals
  • Dan Serns
  • Jim Cress
  • Peter Prime
  • Grenville Kent
  • Eric Flickenger
  • David Asscherick
  • Steve Cook
  • Don Pate
  • Steve Wohlberg
  • Ed Schmidt
  • Ron Clouzet
  • Joe Cirigliano
  • Lowell Hargreaves
  • Other Amazing Facts Evangelists
  • Others?

(Note- Any evangelists used for public meetings by a Seventh-day Adventist Church should qualify in one or more of these ways-

  1. He/she is a member of the local congregation, and is known by the church body.
  2. He/she is able to show a current credential from a Seventh-day Adventist Church organization.
  3. He/she has a recent (within the past year) letter of recommendation from his/her home church.

For more information click here.)



  1. Please provide times and location for Jose Rojas in Eugene/Springfield area in Sept. Thank You.

  2. How do I get information about the downlink of Jose Rojas meetings for this fall? We (Sequim SDA Church) would like to partaicipate but need info concerning subjects etc. and advertising material.

  3. Which WordPress theme do you use?

    • Dear Friend,

      The theme we use is Ocean Mist by Ed Merritt. We have uploaded a custom photo to the header of that theme.

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