The Jethro Team

What is The Jethro TEAMCapture

When God brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt into the wilderness He used Moses in a mighty way. But Moses tried to carry too much responsibility himself. As a result he was in danger of burnout and no family time, the people of God were restless and frustrated, and those recently “baptized” in the Red Sea were in danger of not having the ministry they needed to grow strong.

Moses’ wise father-in-law, Jethro, counseled Moses to appoint godly, faithful leaders for each group of ten families among God’s people, as well as others to mentor them (Exodus 18:21). These leaders were to serve as front-line pastors to their small flock, meeting needs, giving encouragement and gathering their group together to learn from each other. Other leaders (such as our elders today) were to mentor them and assist with the challenging issues they might face. Ultimately Moses was to teach the entire congregation.

The Jethro TEAM are lay members, selected by their church or pastor, to serve for one year, as front-line leaders to 3-10 families in their church. They look for ways to meet needs, give encouragement, and gather their group together as a Jethro Group to learn from each other and to win souls together.

Any believer of any age, approved by his/her local church or pastor, may join.

The word TEAM is an acronym for Trained, Equipped, Activated and Mentored. Based on the story recorded in Exodus 18 Jethro TEAM members are Trained, Equipped, Activated & Mentored to LEAD. Jethro TEAM members are trained to build relationships with their flock, given resources to assist in their mission, recognized and affirmed (activated) by their local church and mentored regularly by an elder and/or their pastor.



  1. Keep me informed. Applying this to my church will be the greatest challenge of my ministry and all the support I can get would be greatly appreciated. God bless you for your efforts.

    Westminster Adventist Church

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